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We take pride in our girls. 

We have a good selection of APHA, AQHA and Dual Registered horses. 

We prefer a reined cow horse pedigree in our girls. We get the most versatile foals that can go to work on the ranch and be great show/rodeo horses on the weekend.  Please check out each page for a picture, pedigree and short write up of each mare. Our mares get to live life to the fullest on 360 acres with plenty of grass, winter wheat, hills, trees and ponds to play in. Mares are brought home to foal and then turned out to raise their foals on the same pastures once foal is a week old or the mare has been bred back. They will stay on this pasture in a herd environment until they are weaned. We only bring the foals home at that time unless the mare needs to come home for other reasons. 

The pasture terrain gives us surefooted mounts and foals that travel ground easily. 

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