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Skyhawks Hick N Robin "Sky"  5 Panel Negative

Sky is a finished ranch horse and now a broodmare. She has a super nice 2019 Color Proof filly that we have retained and we bred her back for a 2021 foal to Color Proof and gave us a beautiful athletic Grullo Tobiano Colt. She was bred to KickinIt WhiskeyRivr for a 2022 Foal and had a super nice Splash HMZ Dun filly that we are also retaining. 


PKM Vintage Rose  "Rose"  5 Panel Negative

Rose is only a broodmare. She had been started under saddle and then sidelined due to a stifle problem and was never finished. She produces super smart, athletic and willing foals. We always look forward to seeing what she blesses us with from year to year. 

IMG_2348 (2).JPG
IMG_1781 (2).JPG

Watch Miss Dollar  "Dollar"  5 Panel Negative

Dollar is a finished ranch horse that we have started in the roping pen. She has some on going soundness issues due to getting hurt as a yearling. She is always the same horse every time you saddle up. She produces fantastic foals. She foaled a Solid Bay filly By Rawhides Renegade that our Son is going to keep for his future cow/roping horse which makes 2 keepers from her for us! We sure do like what she produces and can't wait to see what she blesses others with in the future! 

Sweetly Painted "SweetPea"   5 Panel Negative

SP is a finished riding horse and a blue hen producer for us. A daughter of The Sweet Spot she has crossed great on anything we have put on her. We can't wait to watch the future unfold for her gelding (a son of Hollywood Reminic) and her other foals that have gone to new homes. She always out produces herself and we will miss her dearly when she is gone. 

IMG_1738 (2).JPG
IMG_2040 (2).JPG

Dolled Up Trash "Dolly" 5 Panel Negative

In memory of our sweet Dolly girl. 

Unfortunately we lost Dolly due to a lighting strike in 2021. We did keep her foal that is pictured here sired by Color Proof to carry on her legacy. 

Foxy Delta Rose  "Foxy"

Foxy was sold as a weanling and we bought her back in 2018. She has never been started and we have had to work past some training issues but she is coming around. Super quick footed and fast mare that I think will make some super nice foals for us in the future. 

This mare proved a producer in 2022! Filly by Color Proof had a huge length of stride, super willing, expectational mind and tons of athletic ability. 

IMG_1856 (2).JPG
IMG_3145 (2).JPG

DallasDayFtWorthNites  "Dallas" 5 Panel Negative

Dallas is started under saddle and the first registered foal of Color Proof. She is the reason we now own Color Proof and we couldn't be more proud of the filly she is growing up to be. Dallas is currently with Zane Bruce learning to be a show roping horse! We can't wait to see what the future holds for her! 

Fancy Guns Olena  "Kate"  5 Panel Negative

Kate is so sweet but athletic. We can't wait to watch her in the show pen and see what she can do. We look forward to showing her for several years and then seeing what she can produce for us in the future. She spent a year with Jarvis Anderson and is now home learning to be a ranch horse. We hope to get her in the show pen in 2023 in the ranch horse classes. 

IMG_1730 (2).JPG

Deltas Spotless Cat "Bunny"

Bunny was in to get started and due to a small accident that is sidelining her for the time being she had beautiful twins (Missed on ultrasound) in 2022 and we lost both due to tragedy. She was a fantastic mother and we are hopeful for her and her future as a broodmare for us. 

She Checs The Box "Anna" 5 Panel Negative

Anna is such a sweet girl just like her maternal sister. Unfortunately she got hurt in the pasture which may render her as broodmare sound only. We are currently waiting it out to see and will try and start her  around her 3yr old year to see if she can handle it or not. If she can not we will most likely breed her to foal in 2023. 

IMG_1896 (2).JPG

Cool Colored Penny "Penny" 5 Panel Negative

Penny had a accident that rendered her as broodmare sound only. While we are sad that she will never be rode we are excited to see what she produces for us in the broodmare band in the future. 

IMG_5045 (2).JPG

Color On The Delta "Delta" 5 Panel Negative

We hope that Delta is a future show horse for the family. She is bred top of the line and we are excited to watch her grow. She is adored by our kids and us 

IMG_1991 (2).JPG
IMG_2562 (2).JPG

Sweet Spot Of Color  "Duckie"  5 Panel Negative 

Duckie is our youngest reining hopeful. We can't wait to watch this one in the pen in the future and eventually put her in the broodmare band with her dam and granddam.


Gunna B Fire Proof  "Tater Tot"  5 Panel Negative

Tater.... Well I had sold this filly as just a month old baby but the family had a emergency come up and couldn't follow through.  I don't mind one bit that this filly ended up staying. After a freak accident in the pasture she will not be riding sound but will make for a excellent momma in the future! 

IMG_0647 (2).JPG
DSC_0149 (2).JPG

Lucky Color  ​"Ziggy"  5 Panel Negative

Ziggy is all we could have dreamed of when we planned this cross. We are saddened that we will never be able to ride her. She will make a great replacement for her dam that we lost to cancer shortly after weaning Ziggy. 

Cats Flying Colors  "Stormy"  5 Panel Negative

We plan to go to the cowhorse or cutting pen with Stormy. 

She will be a great addition to the Paint breeding program in her future. 

IMG_5453 (2).JPG

Oklahoma Firecracker  "Okie" 5 Panel Negative

It is a good thing our little Okie girl was born a firecracker. She was born at 307 Days Gestation and she spent a couple months in and out of the vet clinic and another month at home on stall rest. She has done great through it all and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for her. 

New Mares

I don't have time to add all the new mares individually right now so I am going to make a quick list with names, short info and pedigree and I will get back to this. 

This will be APHA Only mares since this is that page. 

No special order. Just the order I thought and typed -Brianna

Gimme Diamonds 2011 Solid Sorrel. This mare is a lease mare from Amanda Romine. We are forever grateful for the opportunity to temporarily add this mare to our breeding program! We can't wait to see what she produces crossed on Color Proof and other stallions!

Sparkling Chic 2011 Sorrel Overo. This one was a dream to add! She is a Reserve World Champion and will be flushed to Color Proof for a 2023 Foal and probably bred to carry one as well. We can't wait to see what she produces in the future.

Sienna Gaybar Passion 2012 Brown Tobiano (HMZ Tobiano). Fajita was a finished roping horse when we picked her up and my husband was having a ton of fun on her! We had a unfortunate roping accident that blew her SI and makes her unfit for riding anymore.  She will be bred to Color Proof for a HMZ Tobiano foal for 2024. We hope we can make a super nice roping prospect for our kids from this cross.

Sawyer Freckle Lena 2016 Sorrel Tobiano. Rain was a finished ranch horse that my husband had hoped to turn into a rope horse but she got hurt while we were training and is taking time off to be a broodmare for now. She is bred to Rawhides Renegade for a 2023 foal. We hope she produces some good ones for us.

All Liquored Up Bay Roan Tovero. Sangria was purchased to primarily be used as a Mule Maker for my brother. We may raise some ranch foals from her in the future but we will see. 

She is a finished riding mare that someone had hoped to make a barrel horse but didn't have the speed.

Shesa Wright Choice 2018 Bay Tobiano. "Chilie Pepper" is our son Wyatt's mare and they are 2 peas in a pod! She will do absolutely anything that boy asks her to do! They plan to show in the paint horse shows and ranch horse shows in 2023 and hopefully step up from there. He also booked her to flush an embryo from her by Metallic Chrome for a 2024 foal.

Lucky Corona Girl 2019 Brown Tobiano. We had dreamed of owning Gay Bar Lucky Jac for a long time and when Carrie posted "Candy" we couldn't pass up the opportunity. She is not riding sound for heavy riding but was being used a ranch horse when we bought her. We will only use her for a broodmare though to add a little speed to our program from the bottom side of her pedigree. She is bred to Color Proof for a 2023 Foal. 

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