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APHA/AQHA Dual Registered Mares


Powdered Chrome "Powder"  5 Panel Negative

e/e   A/a   W20/n

Powder was never broke to ride due to no fault of her own. She has been and excellent producer for us and we can't wait to see what else she produces in the future. 

Brows N For Guns "Angel"  5 Panel Negative

Angel is super cowy and loves to work. We had hoped to get her to the show pen in 2020 but she slipped and hurt her shoulder and neck. She has had some time off and we look forward to riding her again in 2021.  She is bred to Step It Up Jak for a 2022 foal. 

IMG_2335 (2).JPG

SRH Snort N Cash  "Brandy"

Brandy made her show debut in 2020 at the APHA World Championship Show. She placed several top 5's and top 10's and we couldn't have been more pleased with the way she handled her very first outing. She cast herself in a stall at a horse show and hurt herself that no vet has been able to pinpoint. She is carry a 2023 Color Proof foal for us and we will re evaluate. 

*Sorrel in the photo with our daughter. New Picture coming soon*


This list will be shorter then the AQHA and APHA List as these are all mares we have had since they were young and just didn't get them added to the website. 

Una Pistola Mas 2019 Sorrel Splash. We had been hoping to add a This Guns For Nic for our broodmare band eventually and we jumped on this filly when she came up as a weanling. She does have some ankle problems that are not genetic so we will be using her as a broodmare only. We look forward to seeing what she produces for us.

Two Steppn In Texas 2017 Sorrel Splash. We bred mares for 3 years trying to get a Solanos Kicker daughter and none of it worked. Breeding sends us all to the looney bin sometimes. When TicTac came up for sale I just had to have her! We were starting her to ride when she got a back leg stuck in a panel and caused unrepairable damage to her hock and made her unsound for heavy riding. We bred her to Color Proof for a 2022 foal and he was a great addition! We can't wait to see what she produces for us in the future and hope she becomes a blue hen producer.

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