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Scheffler Cattle Co & Burnin' B Ranch Cattle Operation

Welcome to the cattle page! We have joined forces with Scheffler Cattle Company to bring you the some of the best Registered and Purebred Black Angus in the County. 

   Scheffler Cattle Co is a 4th generation cattle ranch and farm owned by Jim and Jayme Scheffler. Brianna is the daughter of Jim and sister of Jayme and loves the cattle industry bringing you Burnin' B Ranch where we raise cattle, horses and dogs. 

Many times you will see Jayme and Brianna at cattle sales together looking for that next great cow, heifer or bull to add to the lines

  We normally have a pretty steady supply of Aged Cows, Heifers & Bulls from Yearling to 4yr olds available all season but certain animals normally come avaliable at certain times.

  Cows normally move in the Late Fall/Winter, Heifers in the Spring and the Bulls we try and have readily available year around.  We are a family owned and operated facility and try and keep costs down as much as possible raising the best cattle we possibly can. 

We strive to raise natural beef that thrives well in OK on minimal cake/feed. Our goal is a Low Birth Weight with good growth numbers but we don't want something that will fall on it's face once its being used in a herd environment. 

Bulls are raised on Grass Pasture with wheat pasture available to them in the winter. Hay and a protein lick when the grass is low. They are only caked to keep them coming to the truck and catch them in the corral. An easy to handle animal is key and we do the best job we can to weed out the bad ones. 

Individual animals will be posted on the For Sale Page. 

If you are in search of Black Angus Cattle in Oklahoma and surrounding areas please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Jayme Scheffler - 580-623-3976

Brianna Kannon - 580-791-2029

Chad Kannon - 580-791-2223

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