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Welcome to Burnin' B Ranch Online

A little about us: 

We are the Kannon's from Hitchcock, OK  out in Northwestern part of the state in a little town that if you blink you will miss us! We love our quite little town and all of our neighbors. We enjoy raising AQHA & APHA Horses,  Registered & Commercial Black Angus Cattle, Australian Shepherds of all 3 sizes (Toys, Minis & Standards) and will eventually add Pembroke Welsh Corgi's to our mix!  We stand our own stallions and ship from right here in Hitchcock. We always have a wide variety of animals that come through on a regular basis that folks need help placing or that we have raised that have become available.  We also have equipment and supplies available at times please see our For Sale Page for more info.  

We strive to raise the most versatile horse possible. We really enjoy the reining and reined cowhorse pedigrees with the cross back on some old foundation quarter horse lines.  We like a horse with brains, easy to handle with that has the conformation to last a lifetime. Our horses are required to work a regular ranch job and still compete as weekend warriors at the shows when we have time.  

In our cattle we love a moderate frame cow that births a low birth weight calf with high growth. 85% of our calves are born 40-70lbs and are 7-800 lbs at around 7 months of age.  Feed efficiency with calving ease is our largest goal. We are family partners with Scheffler Cattle Co. L.L.C. in Hitchcock that raises a large Commercial herd of Black Angus.  Scheffler Cattle Co raises all of their own Stockers that run on the winter wheat where growth numbers really matter.  The majority of the bulls we run at SCC are raised from our registered stock here at the BBR.  

Our dogs are all working dogs but they all love to be couch potatoes sometimes! Some are higher drive then others but we normally have a pretty good idea what those pups will be by the crosses we make.  If you are looking for your next best friend please make sure you check often on our Dog page for upcoming litters or potential matches. 

Please enjoy the website! If you have any questions please view the contact page.

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