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Little Disco Hickory  "Disco"    5 Panel Negative

Disco is our daughters main mount. She unfortunately is retired from the breeding shed but has produced some fantastic foals for others. She is always up for a ride with her girl.(IF ANYONE comes across this as has a daughter of hers you would like to part with please contact us immediately 580-791-2029)

Miss Raven Mac "Mac"   5 Panel Negative HMZ Black

Mac has been a blue hen producer for us since the day we brought her home. She was never broke to ride to our knowledge but has produced excellent foals for us.  One being our stallion Rawhides Renegade.

She is now retired from the broodmare band and enjoys her job babysitting. 

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Peppy Hollywood Gold   "Peppy" 5 Panel Negative

Peppy was started under saddle and made for a nice riding horse around the ranch. She was used sold and used for a broodmare after that and she hasn't been rode since. We recently added her back to the program. Puts a super nice minded foal on the ground and we are excited to have her back in our program 

Miss Freeman 036  "Kimber"  5 Panel Negative


Kimber is now retired to the broodmare pen. She loves the babies and is our go to for any orphan foals that might happen. We are happy to finally have a replacement from her in 2020 by our stallion Rawhides Renegade. Big things to come for this mares produce record. 


VJL Champagne Dolly  "Cheyenne"  5 Panel Negative

Cheyenne is just a broodmare for us but we love what she produces. We had bought a foal of hers and loved her so much that we ended up snatching her up when the previous owners decided to sell her. Her foals have great build and work ethic. She foaled a beautiful 2021 Red Dun Tobiano Filly by Color Proof that we will be retaining.  Cheyenne had to be laid to rest due to cancer after weaning her 2021 foal. 

Sweet Twisted Chic "Snickers"  5 Panel Negative

Snickers was never a finished horse. We discovered when we started her that her withers had been damaged as a foal and we never finished her as a riding horse. She is a great broodmare for us and we expect her to be a blue hen producer. 

We can't wait to see what the future holds for her in our broodmare band. 

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Zans Copper Cat "Copper"  7 Panel Negative

Copper is just a top notch broodmare. She damaged her front right foot as a young horse and is not sound for riding. 2020 was her first foal and she was exceptional.

This mare looks to be a great producer for us and we can't wait to see what the future holds for her in our program. 

Hickorys Smart Jewel "Hope"  N/Herda 4 Panel Neg

Hope is a finished ranch horse that we love dearly. Super level headed and a doll to work with. She never says no. She unfortunately damaged her neck and poll foaling her beautiful 2021 Colt and will no longer be able to be rode for her safety. She will be a great producer for us. 

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SippinFancyChampagne "Fancy" 5 Panel Negative

Fancy was a finished ranch horse that we had planned to take to the show pen until a accident left her grounded to the broodmare pen late in 2019. We are excited to see what she produces for us in the future and think she will bring some powerhouse foals to the picture.  

Smart Time Hickory "Liberty" 4 Panel Neg

Liberty is one that I wish we would have been able to afford to get to the show pen. She is super catty, smart and always seeks to please. She had a fantastic colt by Rawhides Renegade in 2022 and proved herself in the breeding shed to be a producer.

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Hickorys Lucky Gold "Willa" 4 Panel Neg n/Herda

Willa will be started the spring of 2022 and boy are we excited to see what she can do. She is a sleeping dragon with a big want to please. Super calm and easy to deal with. Light a fire under her and she is ready to go full throttle. She should be a really cool versatile show horse and work really well on the ranch for us. 

Hickorys Easter Lily "Lily"

Lily unfortunately caught her foot in a wire when she was a yearling nearly cutting her foot off and is unsound for a riding horse so we plan to just use her as a broodmare. She will be bred for a 2022 foal and we look forward to what she produces for us in the future. 

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Pepto Red Covergirl "Josie"  5 Panel Negative

Josie belongs to our daughter who plans to use her as a broodmare and possibly a riding horse. We loved her 2022 filly by KickinIt WhiskeyRivr.

Paisley Rey Dunit  "Paisley"

Paisley has tons of natural ability and cow sense. We had hoped to start her and use her as a ranch horse and weekend show horse but she unfortunately hurt herself in the pasture which makes her unsound for riding. She is bred to KickinIt WhiskeyRivr for a 2023 foal

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PFF CatchMeIfYouCan "Scooter"

Scooter is Chad's future roping horse and hopeful ranch riding show horse. Super minded filly with tons of athletic ability. 

Whoa Blk Betty "Betty Boo" 5 Panel Negative

Betty is a big time hopeful for the show pen. We will get her started as a 2yr old and go from there. She will have to tell us what way she wants to go. We hope that she will make it to the reined cowhorse pen but we will have to wait and see. She is a maternal sister to Rawhides Renegade and we are super excited about her future. 

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IMG_2350 (2).JPG

Baron Red Tiempo  "Winnie"  5 Panel Negative

Winnie has a bright future ahead of her. We know that her dam doesn't produce fast growers so she won't be started until late in her 2yr old year or possibly wait until she is 3. 

We had posted this filly for sale as a foal but everyone felt she was to small. We know what she will be in the future so we have decided to just hang onto her and help her reach her full potential. We hope for Ranch Horse Classes as well as roping in her future but we will see once she is older. 

Playin In The Pines  "Bertha"  5 Panel Negative

Big Bertha she was dubbed as a newborn. This filly was huge! So big we decided to not breed her dam back to give her a year to recover. Super proud of this filly and we cannot wait to watch her bloom in the future. Big plans for her as a versatile ranch horse that can go show as well. 

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IMG_8015 (2).JPG

Pinks Pistol  "Pinky"  2020 Grey (Sorrel) AQHA

We were super excited to add this flashy grey filly to our herd! We hope to get her in the show pen and watch her in our breeding program down the road. 

New Mares 

I don't have time to add all the new mares individually right now so I am going to make a quick list with names, short info and pedigree and I will get back to this. 

This will be AQHA Only mares since this is that page. 

No special order. Just the order I thought and typed -Brianna

Miss N Skeets 2006 Sorrel. Solid riding horse that was used as a kids horse and now a broodmare for us.

Blu Hoo 2014 Blue Roan. Solid Ranch Horse  Currently Bred to Spooks Gotta Whiz for a 2023 Foal and will go back to the show pen in ranch horse and cattle classes for 2024 for a year.

Its Teee Rexi 2018 Sorrel. This mare is our daughters Reining Horse and they are a great match! She wants to raise her own futurity foal from her though so we will give her some time off to carry a foal by Smoking Trash.

Chexy Me Out 2018 Bay. We bought 2 full blood sisters to add them to the riding string and broodmare band eventually. This mare had other ideas I guess and landed herself in the broodmare pen only. We believe she will raise some fantastic foals for us though.

Rawhides Lena Tari 2020 Bay.  A friend raised this filly by a mare we used to own and we just had to get a chance to add her back as a yearling when they decided to post her. We are excited to see what her future holds.

Pretty Chexy In Gray 2020 Grey (Black). This is the other full blood sister we brought in this last year. We are getting this filly started and going to also let her raise a foal and grow up just a little. She is a super fluid mover with a great mind and BIG Motor. We would love to get her in the cowhorse pen down the road. 


Seven S WannaPepsi 2018 Sorrel Rabicano. This mare is so much fun to have on the ranch! She has tons of natrual cow and will be fun to get in the show pen in 2023. We plan on showing her, Chad plans to rope on her in heeling and we are super excited to see what she brings to the breeding barn.

High Brow Doc Tari Sorrel 2013 Sorrel.  Mercedes is a finished ranch and roping horse as well as finished in the cutting pen. She was shown by an amatuer but has spent her most recent part of her life raising a foal and roping. My husband is excited to add her to his daily riding string and we are super excited to have her in the broodmare band.


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