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Here at the Burnin' B Ranch we only carry products we 100% Believe in. 

Below you will find a link to order or info on what we carry here in Hitchcock, OK 

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We carry HorsLic Omega Elites in 40lb, 60lb, 125lb and 200lb tubs 

We also carry FIAD FlaxLic in 250lb tubs and can pick up any other tubs you would like to purchase from FIAD we just have to add it to our orders. 


Please call/text to see what we have in stock or a price.



Wind River Microbes are 100% a necessity for us. 

Organic Liquid Microbial 

We call them super bugs around here. They are pretty amazing. 

We use them orally and externally on all of our animals. 

We try and keep Balancer on hand but we can't always do that. 

You can always order and find out more online though


D&D is a all-natural Alfalfa Based Feed designed for the Performance Horse by Performance Horse Owners. 

They are really great to work with and we have enjoyed being a dealer of this excellent feed. 

We carry 

Fortify (Limited Stock)


Magnify HF

Alfalfa Pellets

Please call/text for current prices and availability  580-791-2029


Young Living is more then just Essential Oils. They carry a full line of Animal Products, Supplements, Cleaning Products, Beauty Care and More!

I try and keep some extra product on hand but if you want it shipped directly to your home please order directly from my website. 

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